Allstate Media LLC was formed in 2014 in Nashville, TN.  Since its creation, the company has had a single focus on designing and producing quality events for its clients.

In the beginning, the bulk of the projects involved live concerts and corporate events audio but today the company offers a wide range of production services including corporate audio visual production and consulting.

The company is spearheaded by Audio Visual veteran Gis Johannsson (a 22-year career in 2021) and Shari Godgart, an event project producer/manager and corporate consultant.

Depending on project needs and complexity, Allstate Media partners with vendors worldwide and leverages its global relationships to bring the best production talent to each event. Although most of the company's clients are US-based, the company designs and produces international events each year.

The company mission is simple: Produce superior events that deliver clients' visions and messages in a creative way.  Live and pre re-recorded events include thousands of components, many of which belong to third-party participants, such as hotels and technology carriers. To mitigate this risk,  Allstate Media maintains experienced and trusted partners and vendors for each project worldwide where best practices reflect years of experience of sucessful events. 

All of us at Allstate Media understand that each project starts and ends with earned client trust. Live events can be costly and so a critical focus to deliver cost-efficient outcomes and value without comprising quality is paramount. Each event's pre-production phase involves creative sessions, analytics, cost benchmarks, and careful vendor negotiations to secure competitive costs which the company's clients have come to count on and trust.

This track record is Allstate Media's business model and business card. Nearly every client is a referral from a current or a past client. 

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